Recorded Music

Music Star Line is a force in the recorded music industry's transition to digital, managing a variety of music-based content that is marketed, promoted and distributed over a wide array of services and platforms, both to its own labels and to leading independent labels.

Music Star Line Ltd is a London based record company.
For all enquiries please contact us at : Music Star Line, Commerce House, 2nd Floor, 6 London Street, Paddington, London W2 1HR



Looking for quality music to score your productions?

Music Star Line brings together a range of rich and varied recording catalogues in every kind of musical genre, all integrated into a multi-criteria search engine. Don't have the time to hunt down the music you need? Can't find the sound you had in mind? Use our music search services for free. We'll send you a playlist that meets your brief in the blink of an eye.


Artist & Label Services

Development of your career and your musical project

We work with artists in the areas of artist management, merchandising, touring, and brand endorsements, among other music-related businesses. We offer these services to Music Star Line artists as well as artists not otherwise signed to Music Star Line.